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Here are some of Michael Fay's clients:

William M. Mercer, Inc. - Created animated illustrations for Texas Instruments intranet web site. Designed logos for several start-up dot-com companies. Designed icons for Andersen Consulting intranet web site.

Houghton Mifflin Interactive - Designed, illustrated, and animated interfaces for software and web site prototypes.

Macworld - Created biweekly animated spot illustrations for Macworld Online web site.

Wave, Inc. - Designed icons for Digital Duo television series web site.

First for Women - Illustrated "Snuggle Away Stress" magazine article.

Planet Interactive - Illustrated and animated interactive CommonSpace demo for Sixth Floor Media/Houghton Mifflin. Animated interactive intro for Magic Solutions software package. Animated series of videos for United Features Syndicate featuring Scott Adam's "Dilbert" comic strip.

Interactive Factory - Illustrated and animated interactive web site proposal for MediLife Network Drugstore.

i-Collaborative - Designed icons for CMPnet/Planet IT web site. Illustrated and animated Sybase, Inc.'s "Surfside Video" web site demo.

Simon Multimedia - Animated five 30-second title sequences for MCET/Independent Means educational television broadcast. Illustrated, animated, and designed various web pages for Independent Means web site.

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